My Canadian Pharmacy: Your Confidence Is Fully Justified

My Canadian Pharmacy is a convenient hub for online purchase of medicinal products from each corner of the world. The last few years have marked its active development. At any local pharmacy, one sometimes has to wait for their queue in order to buy the needed medicine. Consumers often require advice from a pharmacist, or a consultation on how to replace an expensive drug with a cheaper equivalent, but the time span a pharmacist can dedicate to a single customer is most commonly limited. Our webstore gives you the luxury of time dedicated to you entirely.

Every Drug You Need. You Name It

We are focused on bringing true diversity, including all of their existing generics – hand-picked quality from top manufacturers.

Savings Prices Coupled With Discounts

We only charge for materials and worked used in drug production, and logistics cost. We charge less and offer more discounts than anyone.

Customer Services For Added Value

You can count on us taking all the chores of pharmacy shopping: finding the best price for your meds, locating a deal, providing security and confidentiality.

And don’t forget to avail from the benefits we can offer you:

  • Easy-to-use;
  • Drugs ranging from rare to hugely popular;
  • More value for less money: the cost is provably lower;
  • Wide selection of generics for customizable treatment;
  • 24-hour availability;
  • No queues;
  • Diversified payment methods;
  • Wide range of certified products;
  • Intuitive website

The functionality of My Canadian Pharmacy is drawn to the following tasks we perform for you:

  • Worldwide search for drugs produced according to GMP and ISO 9000:2001 requirements
  • Locating and bringing together best price offers on drugs, internationally
  • Direct sales model of drug delivery at reduced cost
  • Constantly improving our range of deals for all kinds of medications
  • Diversifying our formulary with drugs by world’s leading manufacturers
  • Engaging technology for sped-up pharmacy services
  • Personal pharmacist services to customers dispensed remotely
  • Implementing a discount / bonus system that shaves off up to 80% of the drug cost
  • Incorporating newsfeed and informational support for increased healthcare benefits
  • Active engagement in solving global endemic, epidemic and economic problems

Instant access to heavily discounted drugs, rare medications included

Buying medicines in traditional pharmacies takes a lot of time due to legwork involved in search for the required drug at an acceptable cost. For this reason, the demand for online stores where you can buy a rare medicine at the best price has increased. My Canadian Pharmacy is one of the most trusted and reliable e-sources to fit the bill. It delivers medications throughout the world via prompt courier services. The rarest drugs can be found here in a trice. Payment for the purchase of a rare drug is empowered by any existing method. Packages are dispersed throughout the world by using transport services.

To find a rare drug at My Canadian Pharmacy, enter its name in the search box. The advantages of this online store lie in convenient and quick purchase of the sought-after medicine with home delivery, as well as its originality certified by the relevant documentation (the pharmacy provides you with certificates for medicinal products upon request). A patient can take advantage of the modern opportunities of the pharmacy’s warehouse.

A buyer will be pleased with the prices indicated on the website. A significant discount is obtained due to the fact that the pharmacy works directly with suppliers and purchases goods at wholesale prices. Moreover, our website is highly interactive and bristles with useful tips on health, immunity, beauty and numerous other topics.

Selling cheaper, shipping faster: stepped-up efficacy in addressing essential needs

App pharmacy offers drugs at a price to quality ratio that has no competition. It is generally achieved by a broad selection of brands and their substitutes – generics that cost much less with no loss in quality. Here, a patient will be offered the most effective drugs the guarantee of which is confirmed by relevant certificates.

Buying generics offered on these pages is not only the key to buyer’s savings, but also a real contribution to health. The pharmaceutical market offers drugs that fall into two groups – original and generic. The former are of higher cost, and the latter are many times cheaper. There is little public awareness on matters concerning generic substitutes. This e-store offers a wide range of expensive drug analogues, and in case a patient needs cheaper analogs, they can easily choose among several generic options. All products have the necessary certificates and fully comply with the industry’s standards and requirements for the production process. Purchasing from this pharmacy is carried out in confidence, so a buyer can rest assured that his or her identity will be under reliable protection.

Explaining the low cost of generics

Generics are drugs that are characterized by an identical composition with original branded medications, but differ in more affordable cost. If there are two identical drugs at the pharmacy, but one of them has more unsightly packaging and costs less, this is a perfect example of generic medicine. A beautiful package next to it is the same original drug. They have the same composition, but their cost varies by dozens of dollars. There are many examples of this difference. Each branded drug that one might have seen a lot in advertisements necessarily has its own generic. A buyer might think that this is a fake, but this is not the case. The term “geeric” has nothing to do with the lower quality, but everything to do with developer vs. non-developer production. Generic drug manufacturers do not engage in drug developing; their specialty is production stage. The chemical composition of generics is equivalent to the original drugs.

When a new drug is in the funnel, it means several things:

  1. The developing company has invested into researches, trials and patenting.
  2. The patent for any new original drug will cover anything between 10 and 20 years, with a possibility of extension (up to a point)
  3. Different patent rules apply in different countries; the original drug’s patent can apply to one or several countries, or worldwide;
  4. Patent expiration in one country does not necessarily involve patent expiration in other countries; this can create a window opportunity for generic production before complete international patent expiration;
  5. Investments made at the developing stage make up to 90% of the brand drug cost; hence, it is not unusual for generics to retail at 10% of the original drug’s price.

High cost of original drugs is due to the fact that not all discovered substances turn out to be drugs in the end. From the very beginning, they are fully tested for effectiveness and safety for people, as well as a whole set of tests in various ways to determine what effect will be obtained from the new drug. All these studies require a lot of money and many years of research. All costs incurred are borne by the cost of the finished medicine that goes on sale. That is why original drugs are so expensive.

However, if one waits until the patents expire, they can count on acquiring a quality alternative at a more affordable price. This is how generic drugs, that is, copies of the original ones, appear on the market. Their reduced cost in comparison with the originals is justified by the fact that the manufacturer no longer needs to spend money on their development, he works with the finished medicinal product, so there is no need to spend substantial funds on research. As a result, generics are much cheaper, but their production is carried out on similar equipment and in accordance with the same standards.

When online pharmacy is your best choice

Our webstore works around the clock. This is very important for those who work hard and cannot drop by a pharmacy during its working hours. It is enough to discuss the terms with a specialist online, and the prompt delivery service will bring the ordered goods at any time, day or night, directly to apartment doors.

Home delivery of medications may be needed when:

  • Your child is sick and cannot be left alone;
  • You have a serious condition that makes it difficult to leave the house;
  • You have to order your drugs on the run and have them delivered to a place other than your home – office, summer house, hotel, etc.;
  • You require medications for long-term or lifetime therapy course, and it is important that you get refills regularly;
  • You live in a remote place with poor infrastructure, with limited possibilities to travel to physical drugstores with good choice of drugs;
  • You find it more convenient to do your shopping online;
  • You feel like applying an extra layer of confidentiality to your shopping.

Our pharmacy delivers drugs directly to your door. We do not have weekends and holidays, youc an place an order any time of day or night. The pharmacy is indeed customer-oriented. Order of the drug is carried on the pharmacy’s website, and then gets delivered to customer’s location.

An added layer of convenience with My Canadian Pharmacy

Medicines have become part of our lives. Going to the pharmacy is a familiar, but not the most enjoyable activity. Endless lines, lack of rare drugs, and waste of free time become an obstacle to good health. My Canadian Pharmacy service is designed to facilitate the process of ordering and purchasing the necessary medicines, as well as to save buyer’s efforts, money and time. The opportunity to save time and not stand in long queues is worth much. With the convenience of ordering from the comfort of your home, a customer can safely find the necessary drug, read the composition and instructions for use.

It often happens that a doctor prescribes a very expensive medicine. Canadian Pharmacy allows its customers to independently compare the prices off several drug suppliers and choose an analog that is more suitable for the price and no different in quality.

Protected and diversified payments online: full confidentiality guarantee

With the development of computer technology and the Internet, electronic payment methods have become the most efficient and fastest means of payment. Under the electronic methods of payment for goods and services, one can understand all obligations of electronic form stored on e-media with which a buyer can make payment transactions.

At My Canadian Pharmacy, any online payment method is acceptable. It is possible to pay an order via credit card or electronic wallet. A customer can use credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Diners Club, AMEX, Discover, E-Checks and PayPal. In addition, the usual practice is a system of promotions and discounts for a regular customer, which will significantly reduce costs.

What drugs can one buy online?

The range offered on these pages is usually much wider than that of conventional drugstores. An all singing, all dancing interface will help a customer to quickly navigate the website. Thanks to the embedded search engine, a buyer can immediately determine the availability of necessary medication. And in case of its absence, a pharmacist will inform whether it is in the warehouses and it is possible to order it individually from the supplier.

Our products are divided into pharmacy drugs, biologically active food additives (BAA), parapharmacy products and other pharmaceutical goods not directly related to pharmaceuticals, but included in the pharmacy assortment. Any product must have an appropriate document authorizing its implementation in the pharmacy network, which must be provided at buyer’s request by a pharmacy employee.

The use of medicines is regulated by an authorized body of the Food and Drug Administration. Information on drugs approved for use and production in Canada is registered there. Any drug has a registration number, which must be indicated on the packaging and accompanying documents. The medicine has a number of chemical properties, each of which is reflected in its biological effect. It can be an analogue of natural substances synthesized in organism, or it can be an agent that does not have such analogues.

Talking about the production of medicines, one should mention GMP rules (good manufacturing practice). It is literally the practice of manufacturing designed to ensure the safety of drugs. The rules for the organization of production and quality control of medicines determine the requirements for pharmaceutical equipment, facilities, production process, personnel, and also clearly stipulate cases in which it is necessary to bring out a drug from the market and much more.

In more than 140 countries around the world, national GMP rules apply. General regional GMP rules are created, for example, in the countries of the European Union, international GMP rules are adopted by the World Health Organization.

Medicines produced without GMP are generally a bit cheaper. However, their effectiveness is lower, and side-effects appear more often than in the case of high-quality drugs due to insufficient purification of the drug. Therefore, choosing a drug in a pharmacy, try (whenever possible) to purchase a medicine produced according to the rules of GMP. All foreign medicines are manufactured in compliance with these rules. Other foreign drugs in Canada country are not registered.

Extended choice of pharmacy products online

In addition to drugs, online pharmacies offer a wide range of related products. What does the necessary list of such products include? Almost every pharmacy today has in its assortment:

  • goods for pregnant and lactating women;
  • everything for caring for a newborn;
  • the simplest offers of medical equipment (thermometer, tonometer, glucometer, etc.);
  • medical cosmetics;
  • herbal tinctures, infusions, medicinal teas.

These kinds of products should be presented in the pharmacy for two main reasons: first, many new parents do not have time to visit many stores in search of necessary goods; plus, pharmacy is a more reliable institution in comparison with an ordinary supermarket. Some products, in fact, should only be sold in a specialized pharmacy, since they must be used with the same care as any medicine – this applies to various bio additives, therapeutic lotions and creams, which must be used strictly according to the instructions to avoid negative consequences.

We also have hygiene products on the list. It is very convenient if the same gaskets or diapers are sold individually. There are situations when a buyer prefers not to purchase a large package of goods. The entire range of related products sold in the pharmacy is stored in accordance with all the requirements specified in the instructions for the product or in the accompanying certificate. For example, for teas and herbs this is a normal dry place (humidity not more than 50%), where there is no direct sunlight, and where the product is protected from direct exposure to an air conditioner or heater. If such requirements are not indicated in the instructions (diapers, wipes, shampoos, etc.), they are the same as with the sale of any things – the product is in the place where it will be protected from mechanical damage and moist.

In any case, despite such a high level of simplicity of these products, the assortment of related products in the pharmacy still needs a lot of attention. Our specialty is exactly that: bringing together a miscellany of high quality drugs and related products. This helps us not only expand the number of regular customers, but also increase the rating, improve reputation, providing the pharmacy with the image of an institution where there is everything you need.

Information on guard of prevention and life quality improvement

Medications are a specific product that requires maximum clarity and certainty of information. Our website is informative and user-friendly for a person seeking medicine. We provide page after page of comprehensive information on active substances featuring large photographs of packages, and maintain a blog with useful articles about healthcare. The catalogue contains the list of medications, online pharmacy directories and a convenient search engine. A buyer can find there everything: price, contraindications, method of use and dosage. There is also a ‘leave feedback’ feature that allows you sharing your experiences with a medication and learning about your fellow-shopper experience.

According to the study, more than 50% of consumers do not buy drugs immediately, but look for a cheaper substitute. Therefore, the range of goods on our formulary has a great variety of generics. The content is updated regularly. Medical topics are essential for writing posts, making infographics, and explaining complex issues that concern everyone. Pharmacy’s experts answer frequently asked questions. Tapping into carefully prepared information about new developments in the field of medicine, advice of doctors on the treatment of various diseases, you will be able to take better and timelier care for your health.

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