The Facts About Our Pharmacy That Make Us Your Number One Choice

My Canadian Pharmacy is one of the largest and most popular pharmacies in the U.S. and Canada. It is easily accessible, located in the historic center of Florence St., open from 7 am to midnight, even on Sundays and public holidays. Our team of more than 100 people, including highly qualified pharmacists, pharmacy assistants and druggists, offers you first class medical advice in more than 15 languages ​​and offers a choice of more than 20,000 different products.

We are happy to work on the challenge of getting better. In order to provide our employees with security, we offer them optimal support and further training.

  • Our dealings with each other are based on openness, clarity, mutual respect, support and trust.
  • We expect our employees to bring in positive energies through enthusiasm for the common path and full identification with the company.
  • We cannot tolerate the introduction of negative energies through displeasure, discord, inner refusal and distancing ourselves from the common task.
  • We always let our customers feel that we are happy about their visit and take their concerns very seriously.
  • We make every effort to make you feel better when you leave the station pharmacy than when you enter.

Advice by health experts

As the leading pharmacy in the country, we attract the best trained and highly motivated employees. Our continuing education and training program and personal follow-up, guarantees our clients accurate, understandable and up-to-date information on all health issues, as well as professional safety in the use of medicines.

Giving a high priority to a harmonious, relaxed and collegial climate, we are able to offer you honest advice as well as the space and time for private interviews. If you need a medical consultation, we have a network of general practitioners and specialists, most of them just a few steps away or available on the phone and webchat 24/7. Constant internal and external training and further education ensure top-qualified advice according to the latest state of knowledge.

Personal laboratory

My Canadian Pharmacy has a modern personal laboratory for the manufacture of prescription and non-prescription preparations according to certified quality criteria. What do we do when you give us your prescription?

We clarify the following points for your safety:

  • Are all the necessary data on the recipe available?
  • Is the recipe personal to you or to someone else?
  • Do you take any other medications for the moment? If so, we clarify whether the newly prescribed drugs with your previous drugs are well tolerated.
  • Have you ever had incompatibilities with medications? If we have had penicillin allergy, we make sure that penicillin is not prescribed.
  • We take the drugs out of the drawers, record the prescription on your computer in your name and write on the packs when and how to best take the medication.

We show the prescription and the prescribed medication for to a pharmacist for a thorough examination. He checks, among other things, whether the dosage is not too high and not too low, whether your medications are compatible with each other, whether the right medication was provided and whether the instructions are clearly written. So, every recipe is controlled by four eyes for the sake of your safety. Then we come back to you, explain and present the prescribed medication. We show you therapy supplements and give tips on how you can optimally support your recovery. With us, you have the opportunity to ask any outstanding questions and to speak personally with a pharmacist if you wish at any time.

Any prescriptions that we submit to the health insurance will be checked again for your safety before being sent to our clearinghouse. There it is photographed, so that we can retrieve it at any time on the screen in the pharmacy. If, in hindsight, a question arises about your recipe or if you would like to have a copy of it, we are in the fortunate position of being able to look at the photographed original within seconds and print it out as desired. Our clearing house sends the bill for your medication directly to the health insurance. Your advantage is that you do not have to pay your prescriptions or receive an invoice from us. After you have shown us your valid health insurance card, it eliminates any administrative effort for you.


As the leading provider of medication for patients with a doctor’s prescription, My Canadian Pharmacy has the largest selection of prescription drugs. With 5 daily deliveries, we are able to provide the rarest medicines in just a few hours.


We have the largest selection of non-prescription medications. Our employees advise you on the right choice, correct use and any adverse effects or interactions.

Complementary medicine

Our specialists provide comprehensive advice and a wide range of natural remedies such as homeopathy, herbal remedies, anthroposophical remedies, spagyric homeopathic products, mineral salts, vital elements, orthomolecular medicine, dietary supplements, vitamins, mineral elements, trace minerals, essential fatty acids, antioxidants and ethereal oils for aromatherapy.

Consultancy options

Our experts advise you on the topics of the morning-after pill, contraceptives, wound treatment, family and emergency pharmacy, self-medication and all questions about medicines and help you optimally in therapy of chronic diseases.

During medical advice, we present you with the appropriate medicines, effective mosquito repellents and adequate sun protection. Our diabetes specialists have a wide range of brands are also available for you. Our asthma specialists will gladly show you the correct use of inhalers and sprays and support you in your therapy with valuable tips.

With us, you will find individual advice from highly qualified specialists. Our 100-member team of pharmacists, druggists and pharmaceutical assistants, who brings a great deal of knowledge about pharmaceutical issues through the various training paths and experiences, strives for your well-being 365 days a year from 7 am to midnight. To optimize the information, we are supported by a comprehensive computer system with the most advanced and widely used software available to pharmacies.

When somebody plans a journey…

… we can tell him a lot. So that you can enjoy your holiday carefree, we advise you in detail on all medical aspects. We will discuss with you the composition of your first-aid kit and will gladly provide you with our leaflet. We look at your vaccination status and clarify which vaccinations are necessary or recommended. If you have special illnesses such as yellow fever or malaria in your holiday country, we will inform you about it and provide reliable information about prophylaxis or emergency medication, mosquito repellent and everything else you need to know. For malaria, we have compiled a leaflet for you. Our software helps us to provide travel advice, reliably provides us with the most up-to-date data on all diseases occurring in the world, and allows us to create your own individual travel dossier.