Healthcare, Wellbeing & Economy Goals We Help Our Customers Reaching

Based on the principles of social responsibility and performance, being a member of the state system of drug provision, My Canadian Pharmacy provides equal access of every citizen of the U.S. and Canada to high-quality pharmaceutical care, regardless of his or her place of residence and material wealth.

Our values

We are a large team united by common goals and values and considering people as the most important resource. It is the pharmacist who is the link between the company and customers. And today we focus on the training and development of our own staff. We create a talent pool within the company and grow competent specialists and managers, we develop distance learning programs, create platforms for the exchange of experience, and continue to light stars.

Our principles:

  • To study, predict and fully satisfy the needs of each customer;
  • To introduce innovative technologies of the industry in our activities, maintain the best traditions of My Canadian Pharmacy;
  • To establish partnerships with all interested external parties;
  • To write new bright pages in our history.

Our features

We occupy a leading position in the international pharmaceutical market and are ready to strengthen it further. My Canadian Pharmacy does not just chase performance – we daily carry out the high mission of a pharmacist. Today we are ready to actively move on. We have everything we need – experience, material base, but most importantly – a professional team for which nothing is impossible.

We are provides regular charity and sponsorship assistance to social, medical, sports institutions and organizations. One of the most important areas is the full implementation of social functions assigned to the enterprise. This includes the maintenance of production pharmacies, the sale of narcotic and potent drugs, the provision of medicines to residents of remote regions of the region, and implementation various regional health programs.

The mission of our pharmacy chain is to provide the most complete and high-quality medical assistance to the population and promote the ideology of an active healthy lifestyle. The staff considers the quality assurance of drugs and customer orientation to be their priority. The successful application of our principles, knowledge and skills will help to take a leading position in the market, which will result in the prosperity of the common cause, as well as our employees and business partners. We strive to become the best, while preserving traditions, honor and dignity.

My Canadian Pharmacy today

  • There are is more than 15 pharmacies, optics salon (and its branches) in the cities of the U.S. and Canada;
  • MCP has a specialized pharmacy warehouse and its own infrastructure for the supply of goods;
  • The pharmacy has its own area of ​​more than 17,000 sq.m;
  • MCP has concluded direct contracts with major national distributors and domestic manufacturers;
  • this is more than 20,000 medicines, medical devices, hygiene and care items, homeopathic medicines, eyewear optics and accessories, medical and cosmetic products, as well as products for strengthening and preventing health;
  • MCP is responsible work with narcotic, potent and psychotropic drugs and ethyl alcohol;
  • There is a well-functioning quality control system for goods arriving at the pharmacy warehouse;
  • Centralized deliveries of goods to pharmacies and a unified pricing system function perfectly;
  • The pharmacy has more than 300 workstations;
  • We perform manufacture of medicines and round-the-clock assistance;
  • MCP has modern trading floors and pharmaceutical supermarkets;
  • We conduct social programs for the population;
  • My Canadian Pharmacy has its reference and information center;
  • MCP experts run modern marketing communications the purpose of which is the trust of customers and partners.

Our strategic goal is to occupy a leading position in the pharmacy segment and become the first-choice pharmaceutical company for consumers, suppliers and employees.

The main strategic directions

  • Business geography expansion
  • Service improvement
  • Business process technology development

The key strategic factor in the geographical development of our network is the location of pharmacies, taking into account the quality of localizations, both in terms of financial indicators and in terms of image. The foundations of our principles for improving customer offerings lie in the areas of quality customer service, pricing and assortment policies, information capabilities and related services.

We attract the best employees for the implementation of strategic goals, while an important role is given to creating the corporate culture of a dynamic company, designed to ensure effective development on the basis of a unified policy and personnel standards. Many years of experience in the industry, continuous comprehensive improvement of employees’ knowledge, introduction of modern management and marketing technologies, flexible response and forecasting of population demand, reliable relations with suppliers, qualified quality service – these are the basic principles of the company that protects your health.