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My Canadian Pharmacy: with sincere care for your health

Having received a doctor’s prescription or deciding to cope with the ailment in the usual way, we go to the pharmacy with the confidence that they will help us here. They will politely serve, professionally advise, tell you in detail about the desired drug. And, of course, they will sell an effective medication that will help to recover. Unfortunately, these expectations are not always met. Why is this happening?

Quality that life depends on

According to the World Health Organization, today 25% of all drugs are fake. Medical specialists are able to check only 16% of drugs in domestic circulation per year. In 2018, 12000 violations were identified in this area. For artisanal production of drugs, 6 years of imprisonment is threatened if a fake medication causes someone’s death. But to prove this is almost impossible. After all, in fact, patients die not from a fake, but from an ailment: a fake drug does not cure anyone. It cannot save from cancer, pneumonia, heart attack. And with ordinary colds, flu, it will not relieve unpleasant symptoms, but do only harm.

Therefore, the purchase of drugs should be treated with special attention. Self-respecting pharmacies, such as My Canadian Pharmacy offer their customers only high-quality products from reliable manufacturers. Do not risk your health!

Five reasons to trust in My Canadian Pharmacy

  1. We know the whole path of every medicine from the factory laboratory to our pharmacist. Acting as the official supplier of a large medical company, we purchase drugs only from manufacturers and leading domestic distributors. 100% of our medicines are certified. Counterfeits are excluded.
  2. We work strictly within the law. We are honest with ourselves and our customers. You can book a drug on our website, and have it delivered to your door.
  3. We offer an assortment of 20 thousand items, including rare medicines. They are intended for patients with cardiological, oncological, neurological diseases, viral infections, as well as for IVF.
  4. We do not establish unjustified cost premiums. We maintain low prices not due to high markups, but due to high turnover. With a loyalty card, our customers can always get a 10% discount.

If you need additional information or professional advice, dial our number or request a call back. Take care of yourself – contact only professionals!

  • Brilliant team

Our pharmacists are present in your living environment and at your service to ensure your health and enhance your quality of life. Because we know how reassuring it is to have an available and caring health professional, we listen to your needs, questions and daily concerns. Meet our friendly staff dedicated to serving you with a smile and committed to putting their great geriatric health expertise at your service.

  • Contact on request

For any question about your health or your medication, do not hesitate to contact one of our pharmacies. Our staff is at your service. There is no My Canadian Pharmacy at your location? Our team travels to some locations according to a pre-established schedule. Check our visiting schedule with your nursing staff in residence.

  • Therapeutic follow-ups

You have to take specialized drugs and treatment management is complex? No problem, your pharmacist will help you follow your treatment in full compliance.

  • Payment and insurance

We offer easy-to-use payment solutions to facilitate the management process with your insurance. If you wish, a monthly billing service is also available.

  • Palliative care

Your pharmacy team is here for life. Give them the management of your medication for your palliative care; they are there to take care of you.

  • Monthly conferences for patients

On an ad hoc basis, we organize conferences to inform you about topics that affect your health and well-being. Check with your pharmacy or your activity manager for the schedule of the next conference.

  • New orders and renewals

Renew your prescriptions very easily and in the way that suits you best. You can do your renewals at the counter, by phone or on the Internet in some pharmacies. Also ask about our pre-authorized renewal services.

  • Quick delivery

We offer a drug delivery and distribution service every day, according to your needs. If the situation requires urgent delivery, inform our staff who will quickly take your file in hand.

  • Nursing on request

Need nursing staff for some care or medication injections? If this service is not offered by your residential care team, ask your pharmacy for help, we will help you.

  • Products for everyday comfort

For mobility aid accessories, walkers, walking sticks and other orthopedic accessories, please contact us.

  • Preparation of pillbox

Our pharmacy staff is trained to prepare your medication according to a rigorous and safe process. You can give them your medical file with confidence.

  • 24-hour emergency hotline every day

Since we do not always choose the time when problems arise, keep in mind that someone is on the phone to reassure you and give you his advice every day 24/7. Do not stay alone with your concerns, we are there for you

  • Collaboration with your caregiver

To ensure your safety and proper monitoring of the management of your medication and your health record, we collaborate and communicate frequently with your doctor and the care team of your home.

  • Incontinence products

You can purchase incontinence products at your pharmacy in confidence. Be assured of our discretion and respect for your needs.