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Knowing how to maintain good health is important as a means to prevent diseases, treatment of which may turn out to be expensive and complicated. Our site seeks to provide the most reliable, accessible and up-to-date information on some diseases and methods of their treatment. Our articles are based on reliable sources and modern research, information being constantly updated.

However, everyone should understand the limits of practical application of such knowledge. The functioning of the human body is a complex combination of internal processes, therefore, specialized medical training is required to diagnose diseases and prescribe treatment correctly. If illness is suspected, consulting a doctor is highly recommended since it gives the highest chance of correctly assessing your health condition, prescribing optimal treatment, and discussing the fullest range of available medications.

Self-diagnosis and self-treatment carries a huge risk for people with no medical training. Having come to a wrong conclusion, the actual disease remains unrevealed and untreated, which can lead to increased treatment cost and irreversible health consequences as the disease progresses. Our team underlines that the information published on My Canadian Pharmacy website ispurely of an introductory nature, and is not intended for application without prior consultation with a medical worker. Based on the above, we state that:

My Canadian Pharmacy is not responsible for the consequences of applying any information represented on the website. MPC is not liable fot direct, indirect, material or non-material losses which can result from such application. We are not responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the materials published on the website. Any user who puts this information into practice does so at one’s own risk and is fully responsible for the consequences directly or indirectly associated with appliying this information.