The Vigilant Ways We Apply To Ensure The Safety Of Your Personal Information

General Terms

This Privacy Policy explains how My Canadian Pharmacy collects and uses information about the users of this website. We realize that the protection of your personal information is one of your top priorities, and we have worked out and published this policy to inform you how we are going to help you with that.

This policy is applicable to all the users of the website of My Canadian Pharmacy. If you keep on using this online platform, it will mean that you fully agree to its terms. So, be sure to scrutinize it before placing an order, sending any personal information to us or using our website in any other way. And, if you do not agree to any part of this policy, please, go out of this website.

Please, keep in mind that this policy does not apply to any third-party websites that are linked to this website. When you follow any external links found on our website, you do that at your own risk, we cannot guarantee the safety of your personal information in such situations.

What Is Personal Information?

We use this term for any information that can be used to identify you that is collected by My Canadian Pharmacy or is submitted to us. That may include, for example, your name or your contact information. We will take every effort to protect it.

But, as for any feedback that you leave on our website or any other information that does not include any personal data, we will treat it as non-confidential. Consequently, we reserve the right to disclose and use it in any way and for any purpose without any obligations to you.

How Does My Canadian Pharmacy Collect Information about You?

  • You submit it to us. When you place an order or fill the form to contact us, you disclose the personal information, such as your name or address. We assume obligations to protect such data. You can also avoid extra risks, if you do not disclose any additional information that is not directly requested by My Canadian Pharmacy.
  • We get it due to the use of Internet technologies. Like any other website, our online pharmacy uses cookies, tags and other technologies to collect non-confidential information that helps us make our platform better and to provide you with outstanding shopping experience. Such technologies may gather some technical information, like the version of your browser or its history. It is used to form statistics, to analyze general trends and to customize the website. Due to such collection, we have the opportunity to apply a personal approach while serving you.

How Does My Canadian Pharmacy Use the Personal Information Collected?

We need personal data:

  • to contact you;
  • to process your orders;
  • to customize our website for you;
  • to provide you with the opportunity to receive personalized offers and services.

In some cases we may combine your personal data with the non-confidential information we have collected about you with the help of technologies in order to get a better idea of your personal needs and preferences.

We may also consolidate the data about our users in order to improve our website and services and to conduct all sort of marketing and researching activities.

Who Will Have Access to My Personal Information?

  • Some members of the team of My Canadian Pharmacy. The access to our customers’ personal information is provided to a restricted number of our employees. No doubt, all of them have been trained to treat such data with due cautiousness and to stick to this privacy policy. In case My Canadian Pharmacy is sold to some third party, the new owners of the brand will also get access to your personal information.
  • Our partners. We may share the information collected about you with our partners in case that is required by the contracts.
  • In accordance with the law, we may be obliged to share the information about our users with authorities.

We take every reasonable step to keep your personal information private. However, we cannot guarantee that we will manage to protect it against unauthorized access. So, every time you submit your confidential data to us, be sure to mind the potential risks.

If you want to delete your personal information from our databases or to alter it, contact our support team.

My Canadian Pharmacy reserves the right to update this policy if it is required by law, technology development or business purposes. So, be sure to revise it on a regular basis. In case you keep on using our services after the changes are introduced, it is assumed that you fully agree to them.

In case you have any questions concerning this policy, feel free to contact our support team.