Find Any Existing Drug And Their Analogs On Our Intensely Diversified Formulary

Our medicinal products are of high quality and at an affordable price, that include branded drugs and their analogues and dietary supplements with prices lower by at least 10-15%, i.e. drugs with the most favorable price/quality ratio. Demonstrating excellent quality, we confidently compete in the price segment with products of popular brands. The reason is simple: we save on distribution, promotion and advertising, as well as favorably purchase packaging due to the large volumes of products. All this allows us to keep prices 10-15% lower than branded products.

We select the best Canadian and foreign manufacturers. My Canadian Pharmacy chain specialists verify a supplier, require all required documents, analyze the demand for its products in order to offer you products with the most favorable pricing.

In addition, our products undergo 4 stages of quality control:

  • when developing a product;
  • when releasing a batch from the manufacturer;
  • when accepting a batch in a warehouse at a pharmacy chain;
  • when receiving goods at the pharmacy.

By purchasing our products, you can be sure that the purchase will always be profitable and of high quality.


We find ways to save money at all stages of production and trade: from packaging design to the pharmacy counter, working directly with manufacturers, without intermediaries and additional costs for advertising and promotion.


We constantly test and compare our brands and can claim that their quality is not inferior to similar products under well-known brands. We check samples of our products for compliance with FDA regulations, control the production process and offer you the best products.

Smart choice

By comparing our prices and quality with the products of market leaders, you will always make confident choices in favor of our brand.


  • High-quality medicinal and pharmaceutical products of well-known companies;
  • A wide range of medicines, biologically active additives, homeopathy, medical products and medical cosmetics, baby products, hygiene products, aromatic oils;
  • round-the-clock work in most of our pharmacies;
  • qualified consultations of pharmacists on medicines, dietary supplements and medical cosmetics in our pharmacies and by phone;
  • orders for ANY medication that we do not have at the warehouse.


The pharmacists of My Canadian Pharmacy chain are distinguished by their professionalism and competence. With us, you can always seek the advice of a qualified specialist. In our pharmacies, you will find the most polite and competent pharmacists. Our company cares about the professional and career growth of its specialists. Many pharmacists who have not worked before in any of the pharmacies have improved their skills and achieved career growth in our network of pharmacies. Pharmacists working in pharmacies must not only be certified specialists, but also have a specialist certificate that is issued for 5 years. Our company constantly conducts training for pharmacists. Manufacturers of medicines and prophylactic drugs visit our pharmacy circles, where pharmacists are introduced to their latest products.

Quality management

The stable quality of our work was made possible thanks to the implemented quality management system that is directly related to the personnel motivation system. Ensuring the quality, effectiveness and safety of medicines is a priority for us.

To this end:

  • When building the internal company quality system, we were guided by the recommendations, principles and standards of the Food and Drug Association.
  • We work exclusively with well-known suppliers – national distributors of medicines and pharmaceutical products, who have earned a long-term positive reputation, and are building their work in accordance with the principles of quality management.
  • We have strictly built a quality control process based on the concept of Good Pharmacy Practice and standards developed by the World Health Organization (WHO) and in accordance with local state laws regulating the activities of pharmaceutical institutions in terms of compliance with the rules:
  • procurement, reception, dispensing, storage of pharmaceutical products;
  • disposal of low-quality goods;
  • control of documentation accompanying the product;
  • sanitary standards.
  • We have provided a sufficient number of personnel so that the responsibilities assigned to each employee are not excessive and the quality is not compromised.
  • We carry out continuous training of employees and regular assessment of their performance.
  • In accordance with the key principle of Good Pharmacy Practice, we constantly evaluate the effectiveness and improve the technology of the process of maintaining quality.
  • We have introduced computerized inventory accounting, which allows us to minimize defective goods and optimize the assortment.
  • To maintain the standard of service for our customers, we have developed the in-house Customer Service Standard, which is based on the principles of ethics and pharmaceutical deontology.
  • The basic principles of our company are reliability, professionalism, quality assurance of medicines and all products, friendly and quick service.


We are constantly increasing the range of medicines and dietary supplements (biologically active additives) in our pharmacies, in particular, rare, specific drugs. Sometimes there are problems with the certification of dietary supplements. However, do not forget that there are dietary supplements that are prescribed by doctors that accompany drug treatment, and sometimes do not have medicinal analogues. We see our task in the quality control of dietary supplements, as well as in the training of specialists who will be able to provide consulting services in pharmacies on products that are unusual for a Canadian consumer. Competent consultants-cosmetologists of medical cosmetics of well-known companies in the departments of of our pharmacies.

Computer technologies

My Canadian Pharmacy chain is computerized. The advantage of an automated control system is the registration of goods by series and batches, which allows automatic tracking of the history of any of our goods, as well as reconciliation with data from the FDA on rejected and falsified series of medicines. All goods upon receipt at the pharmacy are tested – ‘quality reception’. The product series are compared with the data of the State Quality Control, Efficiency and Safety of Medicines and Medical Equipment. In the department of the pharmacy’s stocks, the goods are re-checked according to new information from the FDA about falsified and rejected goods, which are sent in the form of letters. Each of our pharmacies can provide information on the source of receipt of any medicine at the request of the buyer.