Ordering And Receiving Your Package: Easy Steps

How To Place An Order: 9 Easy Steps

On this page you will find a step by step guide on how to place an order, wherever you are. Whether you are shopping from your desktop or a mobile device, the beauty of mail-ordering healthcare products cannot be underestimated: it is available to anyone, no matter their location, circumstances, age or physical condition. Our customer support is available around the clock for answering any related questions that did not make it into this guide.

  1. The first step is to find the products you need by entering the name of the drug into the corresponding field (using the Search tool). Alternatively, use our drug lists arranged by product type / health condition.
  2. Choose the dose of the drug and the size of the package. A tip: bigger packs will help you save on per-item cost, and possibly qualify you for free shipping. Not sure about the dosing? Ask our pharmacists online, it’s free!
  3. Done with your choices? Go to the shopping cart and fill out the information that is required for us to deliver your order and identify you as a customer; this is totally secured!
  4. Choose delivery method. We have two options to choose from based on how soon you want your package to be delivered and the shipping cost. .
  5. If you have a discount / promotion coupon, enter the code in the corresponding field to redeem it. The sum of your discount will be shaved off when you proceed with the checkout.
  6. Check once again that the information on the page is entered correctly before you hit the confirmation button.
  7. Enter your payment details on the secured and encrypted page. Be advised that our payment processing is entirely protected by cutting-edge internet technologies, and your credit card details are safe with us.
  8. Check your inbox for the confirmation email that sometimes takes up to 10 minutes to arrive. Contact our customer support if it is not there after 15 minutes.
  9. Got questions regarding prescriptions? Contact our pharmacists, and we will give you instructions about how to submit your prescription and order non-OTC medications.

Shipping & Delivery: All You Have Got To Know About Delivery Of Drugs

It is both very convenient and slightly confusing to click your healthcare goods home, especially if international borders are involved.

How do I avoid shipping issues with the customs?

In a nutshell, you need to be ready to prove that you order your medications for personal use – and this is done through not ordering more than a 90 days’ refill; you also need to be able to provide a prescription for prescription medications.

How will the package be marked?

The package we will ship your order in will be opaque and will not bear markings revealing the nature of its contents. We protect the confidentiality of purchase, on both domestic and international level.

Will I be charged any extra fees?

At the customs, you might be required to pay the customs fees; the duties will be determined by CBP service and it is never possible to estimate the exact amount prior to the actual moment of receiving the purchase. You will be requested to pay the customs duties upon arrival of your package.

What is the shipping insurance for?

We suggest that you pay $4.95 for the shipping insurance or receive it for free with an order starting from $100,00 – this simple tool allows us to reship your order free of charge in case of forfeiture, damage or other issues with the package that our pharmacy is not responsible for.

Available shipping methods

Regular Airmail Service

  • up to 21 days (minimal waiting time 10 days)
  • available at $15,00
  • delivering internationally
  • free for orders starting from $150,00

Express Courier Service

  • up to 14 days (minimal waiting time 8 days)
  • available at $25,00
  • delivering only within the US
  • order tracking available
  • free for orders starting from $300,00

Shipping insurance

  • available at $4.95
  • free for orders starting from $100,00
  • guarantees reshipping or total reimbursement in case of delivery failure