Delegate Your Healthcare-Related Tasks To Our Professionals

Feel discomfort? Tired? Under pressure? Confused? Consult your pharmacist right now!

A health team you can count on

The staff of My Canadian Pharmacy is trained to serve a clientele of beautiful age. In the clinic, pharmacists and technical assistants also have other multidisciplinary expertise. However, no matter where you rub shoulders, members of our pharmacy team have many things in common. They are meticulous, respectful and empathetic, and above all – they are very committed to providing unparalleled customer service and wise advice, no matter what pharmaceutical care is required.

In addition to the points of service in the clinic and in the residences for seniors, the satellite team of My Canadian Pharmacy is present according to a pre-established schedule in certain residences in the territory of the pharmacy. Our mission is to passionately serve our customers worldwide and to form a team that shares values ​​of integrity, hospitality, excellence and empathy.

My Canadian Pharmacy: Your first contact for health

The pharmacy is your first point of contact for everything related to your health. Whatever the time and the reason: we are there to help you. Near you, in Canada and the U.S., almost 7000 pharmacists are there for you in 1700 pharmacies.

Experts are at the service of your health

Pharmacies are much more than medicine discount points. Pharmacists are networked healthcare providers that ensure patient safety and promote health. Pharmacies offer a wide range of services, from first aid in case of health problems and minor injuries to screening examinations and health tips, to advice on medications.

For questions about health without an appointment

In our pharmacy, you get advice, quick help and good solutions. No appointment or waiting time too long. Many health problems can be immediately resolved in pharmacy and treated with over-the-counter medications. This saves you time and money, while relieving family doctors and hospital emergency departments. If pharmacists are not able to offer a solution themselves, they direct patients to a doctor. In addition, pharmacists accompany the chronically ill. They encourage them to follow their drug treatment and help improve the health status of their patients.

Support your health well-being with us

Your pharmacist helps you stay fit and healthy for as long as you can, with simple screening tests, health tips and vaccines. Pharmacies play an important role in disseminating prevention offers. Practical offers, such as pharmacy vaccination, are of great interest. And everyone wins, because high immunization coverage benefits the entire population, especially those who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons. In addition, new offerings such as colon cancer screening with a simple stool test help promote the health of the population

For your safety

Your pharmacist helps you find your medication. His specialized and personalized advice ensures you a safe use. Validations help to avoid errors and interactions between different drugs.

Drug validation

As part of the drug validation, a pharmacist checks the prescription. Are there any risks? Are there any contradictions? Is the dosage correct? When and how should the medication be taken? Does the size of the packaging match the needs of a patient? The prescription and any interactions are controlled by two members of the pharmacy team. If necessary, a pharmacist makes contact with a prescribing doctor and gives you indications so that the drugs act safely.

Validation treatment

During validation treatment, a pharmacist ensures that the prescribed drugs are compatible with other drugs. To this end, he opens a patient file, in which the drugs are captured. He can thus identify any contraindications. This allows your local pharmacy to keep an overview of your medications, even when you are being followed by several doctors.

Better health

MCP plays a vital role in health care. Our know-how ensures the orderly preparation of health products with meticulousness, rigor and seriousness. Our expertise offers useful services to pharmacies. By providing the pharmaceutical industry with the resources and support it needs, we contribute to better health. We distribute with integrity. We distribute with innovation. We do it for ourselves and for the success of our customers. At any time, we manage many orders to deliver health products you need.

Global expertise and Canadian know-how

More than 2 million boxes of medicines mobilize our 1800 employees and 15 establishments, days and nights to be distributed throughout the U.S. and Canada. Our industrial distribution solutions enable us to operate efficiently and contribute to improving access to care for the Canadians. From inventory management to timely delivery, MCP is committed to providing branded, generic and over-the-counter branded pharmaceuticals to more than 30000 customers under optimal safety and quality conditions, thanks in particular to control of our pharmacists.


We make sure to make decisions based on our ethical standards. Customers first, our customers are at the center of our concerns and our success is based on their success.


We put in place appropriate measures to address the concerns of our customers and suppliers.


We consider each of our customers, suppliers and partners, with dignity and openness.


We seek to improve our performance and always aim for the best. Drug supply is just as important as what we do. It is because we have the courage to test new ideas, to take difficult decisions and risks. Our employees are personally invested and dedicated to making every effort to enable our customers to succeed. Our leaders pave the way for a more sustainable and secure future for the health care industry. Diversity and professional equality between men and women are elements of company performance and are important issues for MCP distribution.

MCP respects public service obligations. For 88% of the Americans, the missions of the pharmaceutical distributors must remain under the control of the state. They are considered the essential link between the pharmaceutical industry and pharmacists. They guarantee equal access to care for all people.