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Pharmaceutical business has always been considered highly profitable, and businessmen do not think twice to open an online pharmacy. Modern ecology, poor heredity, endless stresses and many other factors give rise to rejuvenation of diseases, occurrence of chronic diseases in 70% of the population. At the same time, people’s trust in medicine is decreasing, since some Canadians still prefer to be treated on the advice of a mother, a neighbor, a girlfriend by judging it this way: it helped them, and it will help me.

Pharmaceutical business in Canada directly depends on the quality of the raw materials supplied, so the best option is to open a pharmacy under a franchise. Nowadays, the franchising market is developing very rapidly, more and more people want to buy an online pharmacy franchise, because in this case, the franchisor communicates with proven suppliers, or he himself delivers drugs, being a distributor. In Canada, more than 60% of the market is covered by a few major distributors operating under a franchise system. For example, My Canadian Pharmacy chain covers 17% of the market.

So, what about the benefits that are waiting for a businessman after buying an online pharmacy franchise and what difficulties he may face. Let us begin with the benefits. Pharmacy business assumes stable high demand that is almost independent of the seasonality factor. It is no secret that pharmacies sell not only medicines, but also related products – in terms of turnover, they bring good profits. For example, a young lady with a terrible headache who came for a pill obviously would not look for a supermarket to buy a bottle of water, but buy water at the pharmacy (we all know that its price is much higher than usual).

As in any franchise business, after signing the contract, you will be supported by the team of the franchisor, both during the launch phase and during the work. The transferred business processes will reduce the time to open to a minimum, and the well-known brand including the cost of advertising. The franchisor will conduct staff training devoted to all the subtleties and nuances of the business. There is one crucial flaw: most pharmacy chains reluctantly accept completely inexperienced beginners in the franchisee, the priority is running pharmacy points that can be quickly branded and converted to the standards of their network.

Who Are We?

My Canadian Pharmacy by Apppharma.com twice ranked the top place among the most profitable franchises in Canada. 83% of our franchisees open subsidiary and subsequent centers. We offer the best financial conditions in the industry. We offer a ready-made program for the development of your business. You do not need to have a medical degree to open an online pharmacy. Plus, you get a free business development training. Additional income from the development of medical services is a bonus. Feel free to make use of full-time and distance training, tests and courses. We work on the business performance of each franchisee partner.

Work Formats

Customized solutions to suit your goals and capabilities

  • Open a high-tech medical business under a successful brand.
  • Open 3 or more online drug stores and get special conditions.
  • Discover the most favorable terms.
  • We will open for you an online pharmacy and manage it, and you will receive monthly income and have your own business.
  • Make a profitable investment without direct business management
  • For small towns, we have special conditions with a reduced lump sum and minimal costs.
  • For owners of existing e-pharmacies under any brand, we offer favorable conditions for the transition under our brand.
  • Transfer your operating medical business under the brand name MCP under special conditions.
  • Your investment is minimal, you just open an online pharmacy under our brand on the basis of your drug store.

Your Main Steps to Start with Us

1. First acquaintance

Contact us by calling us on the phone, filling out the application form or sending a request to the email address indicated on the webpage.

2. Pharmacy planning

If the application meets the requirements and you intend to select the server for a pharmacy, our specialists will conduct a detailed assessment of the resource for profitability and competitiveness.

3. Contract and payment

After approval of all necessary procedures to initiate the project, you sign a commercial concession agreement, make financial calculations. Your pharmacy becomes an official partner of MCP network.

4. Start working

  • At this stage, you will be accompanied by several company divisions under the supervision of a pharmacy opening manager.
  • The licensing department will prepare all necessary documents for obtaining a pharmaceutical license.
  • The planning department will be engaged in the development of the design – the project of a pharmacy, the placement of commercial and cash equipment.
  • The commercial department will agree on an assortment product matrix.
  • The launch group will form the primary orders of the goods will control its delivery and display.
  • The information technology department will provide installation and adjustment of information systems and software.
  • The training center organizes training for working with software.

5. Getting started and support

Throughout the work of the pharmacy, your personal manager will visit the website at least once a week to support, train, and monitor compliance with network standards. Regional pharmacies provide reports and video conferences.

Your Benefits

  • Convenient to start
  1. Bulk purchase prices with maximum discounts;
  2. We form the golden matrix of the product range for the pharmacy and control the delivery of goods;
  3. We know what to buy – we know what to deliver. The absence of low-demanded positions, the quality drugs only;
  4. The range of more than 30 000 items. Availability of rare drugs;
  5. Payments with bonuses.
  • Great service
  1. We help to get a pharmaceutical license;
  2. We supply commercial and medical equipment in accordance with the requirements of the Food and Drug Administration;
  3. We automate the work of the online pharmacy and all business processes;
  4. Full support at all stages of the launch of the pharmacy;
  5. We provide promotional products. Participation in promotions. Gifts and prizes.
  • Perfect conditions
  1. Daily deliveries of goods throughout the U.S. and Canada;
  2. Favorable conditions for the purchase of goods. Payment delay from the 3rd month;
  3. Convenient ordering and payment system;
  4. We carry out an economic analysis of the pharmacy. We formulate recommendations;
  5. Making sales through an online pharmacy and mobile app.

Where to Begin?

  • Contact us in any way you like and the franchise specialist will advise you on all issues related to the opening of My Canadian Pharmacy franchise.
  • If you already have MCP center in your city, this is your advantage. Residents of the city are familiar with the brand and services, now you need to find a good place with high traffic.
  • They are provides comprehensive consulting support to its partners on the operational management of the business, selection, training and building a scheme of personnel motivation, marketing, advertising, PR and other issues.

Need more details?

  • Request a call back and our manager will contact you
  • Order a call
  • Leave a request and get a franchise offer
  • Any questions? We are pleased to answer!
  • Ask Away!