The Milestones In Our History That Made Us Web’s Discount Pharmacy Number One

The history of our success – from the beginning to the present

My Canadian Pharmacy chain began its operations 2002 with the opening of a small pharmacy in the city of Toronto, ON. Currently, MCP is one of the ten largest pharmacy chains in the U.S. and Canada. Now it is not just a few branches in different parts of the U.S., but more than 120 pharmacies in states of the country and a close-knit team of 105 employees.

We are heading for the development of the pharmacy network not only in the U.S., but also abroad. So, we are available for placing orders from each corner of the world. Based on experience, we look to the future and understand that time does not stand still. My Canadian Pharmacy can’t stay put. Many areas, such as the loyalty program and pharmacy centers, first appeared in Canada precisely on the initiative of our network. Being the first involves a lot of responsibility, but we are not afraid to go forward and not afraid to open new horizons with our customers.

2002 Creation of Canadian Pharmacy brand

While the mass market is starting to compete in the markets, once unchallenged by the pharmacy, the cooperative decides to create its own exclusive brand pharmacy: Canadian Pharmacy.

2003 Diversification of services

CP is still developing its activities by offering pharmacists new services supporting the profession: by investing in the import-export which allows up to $2 in savings per box for the pharmacist, by launching the first management software to integrated portal which now equips nearly one in two pharmacy, creating the group to allow members to better negotiate their purchases, by holding its own logistics platforms or by integrating information to strengthen the pharmacy-health facility link.

2008 Canadian Pharmacy becomes My Canadian Pharmacy

Canadian Pharmacy wishes to focus on these activities with high added value for the future of the profession. It chooses to sell its distribution business, and becomes My Canadian Pharmacy and creates, in 2011, its new visual identity with the logo of Canadian flag, a symbol of anticipation, vision and optimism. Its generic drug laboratory is created that year and becomes the only independent laboratory owned by pharmacists. The entity is showing a steady progression since its creation.

2018 MCP for your health and well-being

My Canadian Pharmacy is extending its offer for each patient or each consumer to become the first responsible for people’s health. Patients can find in the pharmacy everything they need in terms of products and services. The independence of the profession of pharmacist is strictly respected. My Canadian Pharmacy revisits the cooperative spirit.

Today – First American Health Platform

Beyond classic pharmacy service, MCP works with all health professionals. With its patient oriented strategy and a strong belief in the technology-human relationship, its ambition is to become the leading American health platform. A secure platform allows the collection and provision of patient data to different health professionals, thus streamlining the patient journey.

Company philosophy

Significant successes achieved by the company are the result of hard work and a clear philosophy, which is based on five main components:

  • Product quality – we work only with trusted suppliers and manufacturers. Everything from transportation conditions to temperature conditions in the trading floor is subject to strict control. To do this, we have created a special control and audit department, the employees of which constantly check the compliance of each pharmacy network with our strict standards.
  • A wide range – more than 20 thousand items, including rare medicines, derma cosmetics, orthopedic products and children’s products.
  • Affordable prices – despite significant costs (staff training, the widest assortment, interiors of trading floors), we control the growth of prices within the network. Medicines (both vital and over-the-counter) should be available to everyone. In addition, My Canadian Pharmacy provides a discount of up to 15% to regular customers.
  • Staff competence – in our pharmacy, a buyer will always be able to get competent advice thanks to professional employees who are constantly improving their knowledge (the training center of the MCP network is never empty). The quality of work of employees is one of the main areas of work of the company’s management. The main areas of training: pharmacology and pharmacotherapy, pharmaceutical deontology and psychology, cosmeceuticals, management and sales management.
  • Customer comfort – it really matters to us how the customer feels while using our services. Respectful, polite treatment, neat trading floors, quality products, constant discounts and gifts, consultations of qualified specialists – we love our customers and they reciprocate.

New service formats

My Canadian Pharmacy is not afraid to experiment with new service formats. These are pharmacy centers, social pharmacies, and health and beauty centers, as well as orthopedic salons. Today MCP is the most fashionable format of trade, and we decided to add our own flavor to it. My Canadian pharmacy centers located in various parts of the U.S.

There are currently 15 pharmacy centers the range of which meets the needs of the most demanding customers. Health and beauty centers are also a trend of the times, and it has justified itself, because every year more and more people begin to understand that health and beauty are interconnected, so the work of such centers fits in perfectly with the philosophy of our company. Buyers will not only be offered medical cosmetics from leading manufacturers, but also medical consultants will provide expert advice on its use. For people who need orthopedic and medical products for the treatment and prevention of diseases of the spine and joints, musculoskeletal system, the MCP network has 9 orthopedic salons and more than 20 orthopedic departments, where they can not only receive expert advice, but also carry out rapid diagnosis of spinal deformities and foot diseases. In our consultative medical center, an audiologist-otolaryngologist is ready to give you consultation, audiometry, tuning and sale of digital hearing aids, as well as individual earbuds are made.