How to Pay Online for Medications: Insurance or Private Payments?

How to Pay Online for Medications: Insurance or Private Payments?

Whenever Canadian or international buyers think of turning to pharmacies, they regularly come across the question of whether their insurance can cover the drugs. The answer is yes but there are some hidden obstacles. Make sure you are on the same page with your insurance provider when it comes to life-saving medications. Otherwise, there are many other options to pay for your long hoped for medicine.

How to Find Out?

Do not think there are some complicated procedures connected with acknowledging your benefits. A few numbers indicated on your card may solve the issue. So, find the number on the back and call your provider. Note, it is the best decision compared to reading the information online. For example, during the holidays or national days, the website of your provider may slightly lag and can be not updated with changes. However, when you call directly the company, the latest news is available within seconds. Before reaching the representatives, do not forget to prepare the ID number that again indicated on the card, and the name of the medication and its dosage you need to buy.

Another option is to rely on the specialists on the spot. In any pharmacy, they have experts who are aware of such details and they will be more than happy to assist your inquiries. Before buying a drug, ask an employee if your insurance can cover the fees.

And, the last solution for those who follow the modern pace of life is a mobile application. You can download it and keep in touch with provider workers and the amendments connected with your insurance. All you need to do is to create an account, fill in some personal data and create a login and password. Then, the access will be granted within a seconds, and you can overview the benefits and plans online.

If your insurance does not cover your medications, do not write it off as lost, modern pharmacies accept other payments that will not affect your pocket.

Private Payments

Both local and online pharmacies can accept major credit and debit card payments. However, online distributors may offer additional options such as PayPal and mobile banking. But, again there you may face obstacles. For instance, some distributors accept Master and Visa but for international buyers, especially from America, they do not implement American Express. Usually, when surfing their websites, the indicators explaining major payment methods can be found either on the separate page or the home page. Otherwise, contact the customer support team. Usually, a buyer pass a procedure of ordering, he indicates all the information, and at last, a site shows up that his credit card cannot be accepted.

Echeck. If you have never heard of such payments, let’s make it clear. Echeck or else called electronic check is an electronic version of a check for paying only online. For choosing this method, a buyer should only indicate his bank account number and name. You think that is it? Not at all.

Online pharmacies work with personal checks. Of course, there are not many of them but at least some. Such a method verifies payment through email, mail or fax. But, why it is not so popular is because it does not guarantee confidentiality and safety. As far as online pharmacies have designated ordering pages that secure all the indicated information and where no data can be hacked or stolen, such an option is not protected and at any time frauds may have access to your banking details. Thus, if insurance and credit/debit card payments are not available, avoid such a distributor.

Companies with international money orders. Again, there are such options available in many countries but Canada and America do not welcome such transfers. For example, in Europe or the Middle East, it deals with MoneyGram or Western Union. It is also not comfortable because there may be delays and a recipient can receive your transferred funds within a particular time only.

Prescription Drug Coverage Canada

Surprisingly, but Canada is the only place where insurance does not cover prescription drugs. They are paid only via employer-funded drug plans that come separately. Otherwise, there are designated programs for elderly people or for those with low paying capacity who want to get discounted medications. On the other side, there are continuous debates to launch universal public drug coverage but no one knows when it will come into force. First off, it is connected with spending much money from the budget, secondly, the government fears losing income received from the pharmaceutical companies.

What to Choose?

If you are an international buyer who would like to order some medications through the Canadian pharmaceutical market, do not expect your insurance to cover something. Most of the online pharmacies accept only credit/debit card payments, and for other options, you will have to search. However, do not forget that Canadian medications are one of the best, and their distributors online make everything to reduce the prices. There are continuous discounts, offers, and other surprises that can make you persuade about their affordability. So, even if your insurance does not function in such a case, do not neglect the chance to buy combos of medications at bargain prices.