Prices Comparison: My Canadian Pharmacy vs

Prices Comparison

A price on a particular medication on today’s pharmaceutical market differs from provider to provider. In the following article, we will compare prices on popular medications in two large online Canadian pharmacies: My Canadian Pharmacy ( and Canada Pharmacy (

Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

Generic Viagra

Viagra in its generic form know as sildenafil citrate, is by far the most popular and demanded medication for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. It is been widely prescribed by urologists across the globe both in its branded form and also as a generic.

Generic Viagra is available in a variety of dosages. We are comparing prices on the basal dosage available.

My Canadian Pharmacy (MCP) throws a pack of 10 pills, each containing 25 mg of generic Viagra, at $18.99; or $1.90 per pill. (CP) carries the closest comparable pack of 8 generic Viagra pills at $76 or at $9.5 per pill. MCP offer looks more lucrative for a consumer.

Generic Cialis

Cialis and its active component Tadalafil is the second most popular medication for treating erectile dysfunction in men and the major hit in online sales worldwide. Having stronger effects than Viagra, it is priced slightly higher than its counterpart.

The pack of 30 pills containing 10 mg generic Cialis is sold in MCP at $53.99. It will make $1.80 per pill. The closest point of comparison at CP would be the pack of 28 pills of generic Cialis, each pill of 10 mg. It is priced currently at $330, making it $11.78 for a pill. Again, as in the case of Viagra, current offers of MCP look more lucrative for a consumer.

Hair Loss Treatments


When it comes to the treatment of hair loss, also referred to as alopecia, — probably the most addressed issue in men’s health — there is no rival like Propecia with its active ingredient Finasteride. Let’s see how this popular treatment is priced in Canadian pharmacies.

MCP offers a pack of generic Propecia of 90 count at $69.99, which is $0.78 per pill. CP puts out the comparable pack, of 100 count at $79, amounting for $0.79 per pill. As it turns out, the two pharmacies sell the hair loss medication at almost exactly the same price.


When it comes to the treatment of mood disorders, an online market offers plenty substitutes to traditionally prescribed antidepressants like Prozac and other brands. Generic antidepressants are advised to be purchased with the psychiatrist’s prescription, but a patient can save a lot of money when purchasing these through online shops.

Celexa (citalopram)

The pack of 90 pills containing 20 mg generic Celexa (citalopram) is offered in MCP at $87.99. It will make $0.98 per pill. The nearest point of comparison at CP for that position would be the pack of 84 pills, each pill of 20 mg. It is priced currently at $29, which is $0.34 for a pill.

Abilify (Aripiprazole)

Another popular anti-depressant, generic Abilify with its active component Aripiprazole is currently priced with a good discount, at MCP at $108.99 for a pack 90 tablets, coming to $1.21 per pill. The dosage is 20 mg. If we look at CP, a 100-pill pack of 20 mg pills of Abilify sells at $59, which is $5.9 per pill.

Weight Management Medications

Medications for weight loss are getting to be increasingly popular among online customers. We are taking a look at comparison on prices on Generic Orlistat, which is the most efficient inhibitor used for helping to lose weight and also keep it from getting back.


A 60 mg – dosage pack of generic Orlistat is sold in MCP at $201.99. The pack we look at is 120-count. The same pack of 120-count of 60 mg Orlistat is sold in CP at $99.99. Overall, you save on your weight loss if you shop with CP.

Blood Pressure Medications

Blood pressure management is the issue almost everyone meets in the course of their lives. Luckily, you do not have to go and get the medication over-the-counter, as there are plenty blood pressure regulators available online. Like with the most of medications, a physician’s advise is strongly recommended before purchasing.

Benicar (Olmesartan)

A 10 mg dosage of popular blood pressure regulator Benicar is sold at MCP in the pack of 90 pills at $66.99, which is $0.74 for a single pill. At CP, a similar pack, albeit counted at 100, of 10 mg Benicar, is priced at $79, which makes it $0.79 for a pill.

Generic Aldactone

A 25 mg dosed, popular regulator Aldactone, is at $46.99 for a 90-pills pack at MCP, which is $0.52 for a single pill. CP, on the other hand, offers 25 mg Aldactone in 84-count pack at $29. A pill comes off at $0.34.

Overall, the pricing on some of blood pressure regulators is more lucrative at MCP, while it is better for some positions at CP.

Diabetes Treatments

Diabetes is a condition that many patients have to battle their whole life with. There have been plenty of reliable solutions available for treating diabetes of any type. The treatment has become increasingly cheaper with the influx of online offers.

DDAVP (Desmopressin)

Generic DDAVP, with its active component desmopressin, being one of the most popular medications, is sold in the form of a pill containing 0.1 mg and in the package of 90 pills, at $399.99 at MCP. Each pill would be $4.44. CP is offering the same package of 90 pills with 0.1 mg DDAVP for $149, making it at $1.49 for a pill. It is overall the cheaper offer that CP has.

Generic Amaryl

Generic Amaryl, which is administered by mouth is another popular diabetes treatment.

For 90-count pack of Amaryl, where each pill contains 2 mg of the active ingredient, in MCP a consumer will have to pay $130.99, or $1.45 for a pill. CP offers 100-count packs of Amaryl of 2 mg for $33, which is $0.33. Again, this treatment is currently offered at the more lucrative price at CP.

Allergy Treatments

Allergy can be a serious issue if one’s immune system is non functioning properly. A serious examination by a physician is advised. However, if you have symptoms of allergy that are mild and you need a relief from them, online pharmacy is the way to go.

Flonase Nasal Spray

Flonase Nasal Spray is used to treat not only allergy but also is efficient in treating inflammation. The pack of 3 sprays, each containing 50 mcg of active ingredient, is priced at $110.99 at MCP. CP offers the same 3-pack of Flonase at $85. The latter offer looks more lucrative.

Generic Allegra

Allegra with its active ingredient Fexofenadine has antihistamine properties and is excellent in the treatment of seasonal allergy symptoms: sneezing, runny nose,itching throat. A pack of Allegra with 180 mg-dosage pills and 90-count costs at My Canadian Pharmacy $138.99, which is $1.54 for a pill. sells 90-pack of Allegra with 180 mg of active ingredient in a single pill for $50, which is $0.55 for a pill. The offer looks better in CP.